GA400 and Old Alabama development.


Serenity Project review and final vote by Mayor and Council


Last month, many seasoned and experienced members of the Martins Landing Community Development Committee met with Duke Land Group and their design team to review, discuss, and provide input for the most recent update to the mix use Commercial/Residential proposed project known as “Serenity On the Chattahoochee” on Old Alabama Road. The Martins Landing Board of Directors by majority vote, passed a resolution that tasked Community Development Committee members to provide conditional input to Roswell Mayor & City Council and the City’s Planning Zoning Department for the September 24 Mayor & and City Council meeting.


The City of Roswell link to ALL information presented to Mayor and Council for the September 24 meeting. It’s the exact same information Mayor and Council draws from by Staff to render their vote. The package of information is quite extensive.

You should be able to click on this link to the information. If that doesn’t work, then copy and paste into your internet browser.

Some key points as you review the factual information from the city:

--The proposed Serenity Project will develop and utilize approximately 8 acres of the total 21.2 acres. The remainder will not be developed and in fact, various wetland components on parcel are protected by law and can’t be disturbed.

--The proposed Serenity project does not abut Martins Landing. It’s on the West side of the foot of Old Alabama abutting GA400.

--The proposed Serenity project is a mixed use commercial/residential project to replace the 1986 zoning of office buildings/parking garages. 

--The proposed Serentiy project is considered by many as the softest impact proposal from a traffic standpoint ever in the 30+ year history of the current zoning. It’s reported as approximately 1/3 the impact of the current zoning in place the developer/owner can exercise by right.

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